towards a future of challenges

We are curious

with our eyes open to learn about new thinks and with an open mind, always looking for the right balance.

We are simple

each with our own story, living together with the others

We are aggressive

we tackle each new challenge as if it was our first and most important one.

We make the most of shared knowledge, simplify and intensify dialogue.


We Believe

that new technologies are tools that people can use to make their lives easier, safer and more comfortable.

We Learn

by doing, searching for practical solutions to challenging problems and growing from our mistakes.

We Work

hard and with passion because this is not just our jobs but also our mission.

We Imagine

a better, brighter future through the power of human imagination and new technologies.

We Value

the power of open-source, of collaboration and shared intelligence.

We Invest

in daring ideas, looking back at those who came before us and learning from them.

We Foster

change, growth and innovation, by constantly fighting for a better future.

We Believe

in changing the world step by step, together with those who will join us along this journey.

Our Team

Alessandra Debora Cislaghi

CEO & Co-Founder

Curious and open to everything new. Extremely profitable and interesting work experience in the 90s (almost one or two lives ago) as personal assistant to the CEOs in various companies (A.C. Nielsen, Computervision, Schering-Plough), then as mother and “peasant” by choice.

I feel the need to rethink myself as a complete person and not just as a mother. It is a challenge that makes me want to learn new things and value the input received from my previous work experience. OPEN-EYES makes me feel eighteen again!

Massimiliano Negretti

CTO & Co-Founder

For 30 years I have been involved in the development and design of telecom equipment. I still belong to the generation that with a “humble” high school diploma in electronics and telecom could think of being able to work and grow professionally.

I became Research and Development Director for one of the historical, but alas now rare, Italian telecom companies. The devices designed by me are used by major national players.

Davide Negretti

Marketing Manager & Co-Founder

Class of 1999, classical high school diploma, currently studying Aerospace Engineering at POLIMI.
Creator of OPEN-EYES, a smart, open source video door phone with added value services.
Curious and non-conformist, I am the “voice” of OPEN-EYES, especially when that voice has to speak English!

I’m taking care of marketing and this experience is enriching me, impelling me from the regimented life at school into the new and exciting world of IoT startups, a world where you must learn and change every day.

With OPEN-EYES, I am investing on my future, and it helped me discover that, while my parents may be old, their ideas aren’t!