IP core design

Even as embedded SoC processors take on increasingly more functionality in FPGA-based systems, the importance of efficiently-designed, well-written HDL code remains as important as ever, due to the raw processing power and parallelism offered by FPGAs.

Our long experience in IP core and complex systems development, especially in the CPLD and low/medium density FPGA market segment, allow us to support our customer in cutting-edge project design.

Our arsenal

FPGAs and SoCs

  • Intel ®
    • Cyclone® V
    • Cyclone® V SoC
    • Cyclone® IV
  • Xilinx ®
    • Spartan®-6
    • Zynq®-7000
  • Lattice semiconductor
    • iCE40

Design modeling

  • MyHDL
  • ghdl


  • Intel Quartus
  • Intel SOPC builder
  • Xilinx Vivado
  • Lattice Radiant
  • Yosys

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