Multipurpose platforms

An engineered HW platform equipped with SoM Raspberry CM3 module, LCD display, multiple sensors and I/O ports, OPEN-EYES is a ready-to-use product accelerator with embedded Linux OS which, thanks to edge computing, can exploit the potential of new technologies and offer potential for added value services. Being a ready-to-use product accelerator, it has multiple fields of application, just like an empty canvas which anybody can paint according to their wishes.

In the field of Industry 4.0, OPEN-EYES can be employed to manage production lines and to gather data in edge.

In the Retail environment, OPEN-EYES can be used to allow payments through facial recognition and can offer the client a personalized user experience. OPEN-EYES can, for example, be inserted in a gasoline pump or in a kiosk.

For Reception, OPEN-EYES can be used to greet guests and to offer personalized experiences.

For Smart Cities, OPEN-EYES can become part of a smart garbage can, a parking meter or manage passengers on public transport.

In the field of Smart Agriculture, we are currently evaluating OPEN-EYES for non-invasive beehive control.

In the field of Smart Health, OPEN-EYES can be used to support fragile or elderly people living alone.

For Smart Homes, OPEN-EYES can be used as smart video door phone and domus manager.

In short, what we want to give to people is the ability to be there when they are needed, to take care of their house or of their loved ones even if they physically can’t be with them.

OPEN-EYES is thus a multipurpose platform – for our clients, adopting the platform is cheaper than developing their own hardware, and time to market is positively affected, because much has already been developed by the community.


Starting from scratch from the base board, makers can build their own personal applications and services employing our hardware.

With its 5″ touch screen LCD display and the on board power control unit, along with a cryptographic processor and 10/100M connectivity, OPEN-EYES allows you to build your own compact home assistant, or everything else you can imagine.

The sensors

A wide variety of optional boards can be added to the base module, increasing its ability to create complex functions.

Audio expansion

It adds the audio functions to the OPEN-EYES base module.

The CODEC implemented on FPGA allows basic functions and the possibility of adding custom function using the free space left on device.

Light sensors

Different kind of light sensors can add to your application:

Light detector

Presence detector

Gesture detector

Special sensors

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